Five Points Ferret Refuge

This show is the main fundraiser for Five Points Ferret Refuge
(FPFR).  The money we raise will help provide veterinary care,
food, bedding, treats, cleaning supplies and much more.

A  brief introduction:  I rescue ferrets.  The rescue is not a hobby. My
Board and I are committed to making sure that not only do the ferrets in our
rescue get adopted into a new home, but they are adopted into their perfect
forever home; the home they should have gotten the first time around.

That said, we recognize that not all ferrets can or will be adopted out.  Some
are in their forever home here with us and we are equally committed to
providing them with all their physical needs and loving their little souls as well.  
They, in turn, provide us with love, good humor and tireless fuzzy antics to
brighten our days.  We think this is a perfect arrangement.

Up for Adoption

Adoption Process
The Ferret 500