The Ferret 500
What can I expect at a ferret show?

All of us were first-timers at one point, going to our first ferret show—we didn’t
know just what to expect but we quickly found out! You will be surrounded by
everything ferret! There are literally ferrets at every turn, and everyone there
shares your love of these cute, funny little creatures! People scurrying with
ferrets in their arms to the next judging station, ferrets basking in their show
cages and napping in their carriers, ferrets jumping and dooking in their
playpens. Tables of trophies, racks of ribbons and a whole wall of judges deftly
assessing each ferret in their turn. AND, the ferret goodies on the vendor
tables—toys, bedding, cuddly hammocks and crackly tubes, crocheted eggs
and stuffy critters, cages and playpens and carriers, not to mention ferret
clothing for mamas and papas and jewelry and accessories! AND, the raffle
table, loaded with irresistible ferret items—twice a day the drawings create a
crowd of breathless anticipation and squealing winners—and all the proceeds
go to Five Points Ferret Refuge to help support the 40+ ferrets living there.
Indeed, this could be heaven on earth! Come and spend the day, a vendor will
be in the cafe selling food. We will be there, and see you May 5th at the Marion
County Fairground Marketplace building.