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    Saturday, June 8th, 2024

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    Welcome to The Ferret 500, an annual fundraising effort and a labor of dedication and love on behalf of the ferrets in the care of

    Five Points Ferret Refuge

    The Ferret 500 is an American Ferret Association sanctioned event/ferret show, where ferrets are judged by AFA judges and by AFA standards. It is also the main fundraising opportunity held by Five Points Ferret Refuge, and one that is attended by ferret enthusiasts from across the United States. The Ferret 500 offers an incredible opportunity for outreach and education into the wonderful world of all things pertaining to ferrets! It also offers individuals an opportunity to "show off" their beautiful ferrets and to compete to take home the coveted title "BEST IN SHOW"! This is an all day, family-friendly event. There will be vendors, fun ferret games, food, door prizes and a silent auction. All proceeds from the Ferret 500 benefit the ferrets in the care of FPFR and to offset the rising cost of expenses such as; food, bedding, veterinary care, medicine and the operational costs of keeping a shelter up and running.

    A brief introduction into who Five Points Ferret Refuge (FPFR) is and what it is that we do...

    We are a 501c3 located in Indianapolis, Indiana. FPFR is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of ferrets. We are a non-profit shelter, staffed solely by volunteers, that is continuously able to offer loving and compassionate care, and oftentimes, life saving medical treatments to the ferrets that come to us. All of which is made possible because of the generous donations that we receive and the fundraising events we hold. For those of us at FPFR, rescue is not a hobby. Through our adoption process, our Shelter Director, Board Members, and our Volunteers are committed to ensuring that the ferrets in the care of FPFR, find forever homes. A home they, for whatever reason, were not afforded the first time around. We believe that through education, community involvement, and volunteer opportunities, we can help empower future ferret lovers with the knowledge needed to offer these amazing animals a second chance at their best possible life!

    Unfortunately, not all of our shelter ferrets can or will be adopted. Some are in their forever home with us, and we are equally committed to providing them with all their care and to loving their little souls. They, in turn, provide us with love, good humor, and tireless fuzzy antics to brighten our days. We think this is a perfect arrangement.

    Adoption Process

    Five Points Ferret Refuge, Inc. is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit. Receipts are provided with the total and deductible amounts.

    Monetary Donations can be made through PayPal to fivepointsferretrefuge@yahoo.com

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